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Magdalena “Maggy” Martínez is a resolute public servant with an excellent and honest public record. She was voted "Legislator of the Year" in 1999, ratified by a resolution of the House of Representatives of Puerto Rico. Maggy is a longtime member of the Clayton County Democratic Party and delegate for the 13th Congressional District. Maggy is the Liaison for Voting Rights of the Clayton County Board of Elections on behalf of the Democratic Party of Georgia.

Determined to improve her community and serve, she served as a Georgia delegate for Joe Biden's Democratic National Convention in 2020. During the 2020 campaign, she worked with Biden's campaign pro-bono under her Public Relations firm. She produced several videos to help the 2020 election and promote the Democratic platform and Party’s agenda. She has been a Biden DNC Delegate since 2020.

In 2002, Maggy was appointed by the Governor of Georgia, Sonny Perdue for Board Member representing the 13th Congressional District for Early Childhood & Learning, "Bright from the Start”, and served until 2006.

As a retired teacher, of 23 years, Maggy taught Spanish as a Second Language at Mundy's Mill High School and Elite Scholar Academy.  Also, she taught as an adjunct-instructor for film production at the Southern Crescent Technical College in Griffin.

Presently, President for Starbound PR Firm LLC, Maggy is dedicated to Empowering Women in Politics and Small Business: this continued as an elected board member 2020-2022 for the Henry County Chambers of Commerce.

It was in her formative years that she became involved in politics, at just 14 years old when her father Fernando L. Montero introduces her to the local political party organization.

In 1986 she was elected Chairperson for Women Pro-Statehood in Puerto Rico. From 1997 to 2000 she represented the PR House of Representatives District 40, for a four-year term. She was a member of the Federal Issues Committee, Health Committee, Ethics & Government Committee, Young Committee, and she was appointed to be the Chairperson for the Women's Affair Committee where she advocated for women and reproductive rights.

During her tenure as State Representative (PR-40),  Maggy initiated a bill to expedite the adoption process for young children. Governor Pedro Rosselló signed the bill into law in 1999. Her goal was that no child should be left behind waiting to be adopted. The new law provides the infant with a 12-month window to be adopted, instead of 5 years.

The Puerto Rico General Assembly, under the leadership of Jennifer González, House of Representatives authored a book about women in the state legislature, titled: “Ocho Decadas, De La Mujer Puertorriqueña",  published in 2015. Maggy Martinez is mentioned in the book and highlights the bills she presented during her tenure.

Maggy Martínez holds a bachelor’s degree in communications from the New York Institute of Technology, a master’s degree in technology from Universidad de Leon, Spain, a Certificate for Social Media Marketing from Columbia University, and a Certification in Public Relations from PENN University. Maggy is fully bilingual in English and Spanish.

As a news reporter, Maggy was a TV producer and moderator for Women in Power, WIPR - Channel 6; Women in the Spheres of Power, WUSJ - Channel 13; and Women Toward the Year 2000, Channels 3 and 40. Also, she was a political news reporter for WUNO, San Juan Broadcasting.

Maggy has been involved with several non-profit organizations since 1980. She was the Press Director for the Municipality of Carolina, PR, Public Relations Director for “Centro Unidos de Detallistas” (PR Chambers of Commerce for Small Business), Development Director for American Lung Association, Public Relations Director for Employee Commonwealth Association, Public Relation Executive for the PR Health Department, and Board member for Grow in Grace, a non-profit organization to help young ladies throughout their pregnancy.


Among her long list of outstanding clients are: Keith Evans for Stockbridge City Council, Eduardo Antelo for Mayor of the City Carolina, Marissa Jiménez Santoni for Senator Carolina District 10, Sherry Chaney for Hampton City Council, Virginia Webb for State Representative, Dr. Deborah Sykes for City Council, Devlin Cleveland for Henry County Commissioner, Sandra Vincent for City Council, Pro-Bono for Stacey Abrams running for Governor of Georgia, and Marianne Williamson's campaign for U.S. President.

Maggy Martinez had the honor of serving in the following roles: Campaign manager for Anthony S. Ford Mayor for City of Stockbridge, Deputy Campaign Manager Janice Laws Robinson for GA Insurance Commissioner, Campaign Manager for Darryl Gresham for Stone Mountain Mayor, Campaign Manager for Sherry Burden Chaney for Hampton City Council, Communications Director and consultant for Colonel Nathan M. Banks, and Campaign manager  for Keith Evans for Stockbridge City Council.

Maggy is the producer for the podcast, "The Hot Seat Interview with Maggy Martinez", to help the Georgia candidates' to disseminate their democratic agenda and platform. Maggy is also the author of the book "The Secrets of Campaigning, So You Think You Can Run?"

She has three sons, Michael, Fernado, and Mark --six grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. She enjoys raising chickens and cows at  her son's  farm in Newnan County.

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