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Innovating Platform for
Hampton, Lovejoy & Jonesboro

Hampton, Jonesboro, and Lovejoy will gain a major transformation to improve the quality of life of all Citizens. I will collaborate with local government and cities, and my fellow general assembly members for legislation that will benefit the communities of District 74. 

It's essential to establish a clear, cohesive, and comprehensive platform addressing the most pressing issues facing the constituents.

Maggy's platform reflects stakeholder values, priorities, and proposed solutions. 

Below are some common issues that affect our communities:

Economic Development

  • Job creation and workforce development.

  • Support for small businesses.

  • Economic revitalization of communities.

  • Get Clayton County out of Tier 1 through the development, good paying jobs and housing. 


  • Protect Immigrants' rights and be watchful of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and USCIS (U.S. Citizens and Immigrations services) and communicate with our congressmen and congresswomen.

transparency & accountability

  • Advocating for open government.

  • Ensuring transparency in decision-making.

  • Addressing corruption and unethical practices.

Justice Reform

  • Promoting equality and inclusivity.

  • Social Justice Reform Legislate against systemic racism and discrimination.

  • Advocating for LGBTQ+ rights.

Public Safety

  • Supporting law enforcement while addressing accountability.

  • Working against gun violence through education.

  • Promoting community safety.

  • Legislate for child safety against bullying on Social media.

Technology and

  • Promoting technological advancements.

  • Supporting innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • Ensuring digital equity and internet access.


  • Work with commissioners and Mayors of the cities of Jonesboro, Lovejoy, and Hampton.

  • Affordable housing initiatives.

  • Addressing Veterans homelessness.

  • Ensuring fair housing practices

Environment & sustainability

  • Addressing climate change.

  • Conservation and natural resource protection.

  • Promoting clean energy alternatives.

  • I will fight to keep Flint River clean. 


  • Access to affordable healthcare for all citizens.

  • Mental health awareness and support.

  • Addressing healthcare disparities, insurances, and hospitals.

  • Fight for Reproductive rights for women.

  • Legalization of cannabis for recreational medicinal purposes.


  • Improving public education.

  • ​Identify funds at the state level for education funding.

  • Enhancing access to higher education and vocational training.


  • Beautification of Tara Boulevard (19/41)

  • Gateway Signage to ID the County entrance.

  • Transportation improvements.

  • Broadband access in rural areas.

  • Upgrading and maintaining public facilities.

  • Enhance and help develop Tara Field Airport and Atlanta Speedway.

  • Enforcing the Clean Water Act.

Human rights

  • Police reform and community policing.

  • Advocate against mass incarceration.

  • Advocating for fair sentencing and rehabilitation programs.

  • Restoration of voting rights for felons.

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